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In Twilight's Embrace

Fins whisper softly, the dusk's embrace,

Concealing depths, a silent, solemn grace,

Celestial creatures with a shimmering sheen,

Slumber steals clarity in this watery scene.

In the fragile threads of a daughter's care,

A mother's thoughts lost in endless despair,

Reflecting moonlight and the sun's tender kiss,

A quiet aspiration, a wish not to miss.

The government's looming, opaque and icy hold,

Envelops untold struggles within its webbed fold,

In delicate deceptions, control maintains its cold,

Yet the bravery of love remains steadfast and bold.

Countless faces in the mind's overgrown field,

Striving to uncover truths concealed and concealed,

But within the glimmer, a truth emerges and reveals,

The strength of empathy, now finally unsealed.

Silent entreaties to the heavens above,

Seeking solace and healing through acts of love,

Angelfish with hearts akin to our own,

Guiding the journey to a new dawn, unknown.

In the shadows cast, the trinity lies,

Three girls or two and one, unknown guise,

Faces shrouded, secrets deep,

Through the eyes of another, lost in sleep.

Mysteries entwined, minds intertwined,

Beliefs shattered, memories confined,

Like rings on a tree, our bones entwine,

Yet alone in darkness, I search for a sign.

Whispers haunt, voices unkind,

They messed me up, a fragmented mind,

A blank canvas, a fragment of truth,

Lost in the depths of forgotten youth.

Oh, trinity, elusive and bleak,

In a tangle of memories, we seek,

The truth hidden, the lies unspoken,

In this tangled web, hearts are broken.

As I wander through this endless night,

Lost in the labyrinth of wrong and right,

In the dance of shadows, I long to break free,

To find the answers that once were me.

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